He stood on the edge and wondered if he should take that final step into the abyss. He wasn’t sure how he got here, and really wanted to continue on and succeed like the others. They said that there was nothing like standing at the top and seeing the world for what it was. The only problem was, he wasn’t sure he wanted to.

Of all of the people who should be making the journey of the initiation, he wasn’t the likely candidate. He was much older than the normal candidate, and there were much stronger and younger people in the pool. He was hoping that he would not have to go this year, and therefore be spared of it forever.

He was also pretty happy with his life. As a baker, he was well respected in the community and got his fair share of credits from the sale of his goods to the other cities. There weren’t any other bakers in the county, and he wondered how much his neighbors would have to pay this week for their bread to have it shipped in. A good job and bringing in some money for the city all added up to a pretty good life from his point of view.

He was chosen though, and he wasn’t halfway through the journey that would change his life completely. If he gave up now, then he could die without having to deal with both the rest of the journey and the epiphany. He sighed, and kept trudging on.