Standing in front of the door, he thought over the events of the day so far, and pondered whether he should continue. The day wasn’t exactly going swimmingly, but at least it would be extremely unlikely for it to actually get worse than it was - or at least he thought that was the case. It was, in fact, a bad idea when he rapped at apartment 405.

“One minute!” said the girl’s voice from inside. He could hear the steps approaching and straightened himself up a little, nervously, and stood back. He could tell when she looked at him from the dimming of the interior light through the peephole. Locks worked themselves and then the door opened to reveal a dark blue dress, blonde curls, and a beautiful pair of legs in stockings.

“I was just about ready.. running a little late. Wait here.” He stood nervously while the door closed again, and he heard the girl moving around again inside. About half a minute later the door opened again, and the whole outfit was completed by a handbag and a set of matching blue heels. She locked the door and tossed the keys in the bag.

As they walked down the hall, he wondered if he would be returning to the same place later. Then he thought it was probably better to not be thinking about it the entire night, so tried to put it out of his mind. The distance from the apartment to the elevator was long, and the silence was awkward. The silence continued to the car.

“So, what do you like to do,” he asked when they were on their way.

“Well, I really am enjoying this, and I seem to be doing it a lot lately,” she replied, “but I really don’t do much of anything. I guess I just like watching TV and chick flicks. I used to do a lot of stuff with my ex, but he’s out of the picture now.”

Just at the end there, he chanced a glance away from the road, and thought that he saw an evil glint in her eye. Probably just my imagination.