Till I Opened My Eyes and Walked Out the Door

Life has been hectic to say the least, but I am taking control of it finally. School started, and I finally got settled into a schedule. I am taking two classes with highly overlapping material, both focused on user interface design. They are focused on separate aspects however and only overlap slightly. They are required. Also I am working at Honeywell still, programming away. Things are going better there, we just got past a critical juncture so I have about 2 weeks (15 hour weeks, but still weeks) of work laid out for me. I was getting worried because we were hitting a critical path issue: all the other programming things which needed to get done were based on a decision which we didn’t feel like we should make without consulting others. Anyway the decision is made, and while there is slightly more work than there was previously for me, I am glad because the work glass being full helps rather than hinders there.

I’ve started drinking green tea, which supposedly has some nice health benefits, and sleeping earlier and waking earlier, which also isn’t that bad. I’m currently trying out different green teas, and liking all of them unfortunately. They aren’t really that different to my taste buds, but at least they’re all good. Now that my day usually starts around 8am officially, its nice to be up at 6:30 and have some time to get the motor running. I’ve also started working out regularly, and dieting consistently. I’ve started a log at Traineo, a website which banks upon the concept of others checking out your progress as you go along. I hope it doesn’t become annoying to anyone who I put down – also I’m trying to be open about it, so if someone wants to be on the “motivators” list, I’d be happy to add you. I think I’m limited to 4 at the moment, so there’s one spot available. I could probably eliminate one as they are closely related to another of my motivators, so they’d be a 2-in-1. Things are going well so far, as you can see.

[lj user=”ceilingsarecool”] asked me the second or third day why I decided to start the diet and exercise regiment, and I couldn’t tell her exactly. I think it’s a mix of many things which are happening at the moment. It’s like I hit a tipping point. Anyway it’s time to go out to eat. Hopefully I’ll have some time later.