Time Enough to Post..

Well, I’m waiting here for amagdalyn to pick me up and no one seems to be around to chat, so I may as well update.

Most of spring break was spent being lazy. I slept a lot, and played with my new toy a lot. The weather was great though. We went out for a walk a couple times, and came up with excuses to walk down to the convenience store.

Thursday I was feeling not so great in the evening. I watched some anime to get my mind off of things, but it didn’t work too well. I went to sleep surprisingly early considering I had no real reason to get up. I swear I was the happiest man in the world when I got a call on Friday afternoon (I had gone into work to get some things done and distract me) - so happy that I just got some flowers for my goddess on a whim.

Friday night we went to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The movie is excellent from a technical perspective - the special effects were very well done. The story is easily Kaufman’s best as well. The whole plot is a kind of question to the audience, because there are very few of us that haven’t been through a relationship that didn’t work out before. Would you sacrifice the good memories to get rid of the bad? Personally I think the idea of erasing them all is bad, because everyone grows from experiences. Amy pointed out that the movie doesn’t really wrap up everything at the end. I tend to like movies like that, because people can have different opinions on how it is “supposed” to end.

Saturday was mostly spent lazing around the place, but I got a little bit of the assignment I needed to get done. In the evening, th0rny’s aunt invited us to join her for her birthday at a place up in Rogers. It was quite the drive, but the Blue Cheese Soup was worth it. Afterwards there was ice cream and 50% frosting cake, and some chatting.

Sunday was a nice day outside, but we didn’t get to enjoy it that much. Ended up hanging shelves in Amy’s room and going grocery and amenity shopping, which took longer than planned. Then again, we started out a bit late.

The weekend was the most full part of the week, unsurprisingly I guess because Amy doesn’t have work those days. Today was the start of school again. Almost fell asleep in stats class, but I don’t think it’s because I’m missing something important, I think the professor was just taking it slow today or something. It was exciting before break, like he was hurried into matching a pace from previous years or something.

Oh well, I need to get working on the assignment that’s due tommorrow and supper seems to be ready soon. Just for kicks, here are a couple links to new designs I’m thinking about for my LJ: Style 1 and Style 2. They’re very much the same, but Style 2 has a more efficient CSS implementation I think. Tell me your preference, or if you like the one I have now better. The colors are not set in stone, of course (they’ll be variables). I’m hoping to nail this down the end of this week. Food! Yay!