Time to Get to the Blogging, Thing.

I’m trying out this live-journal thing to find out if I can get the journal looking like my base0 homepage. If I can’t, I’ll probably be coding a bunch on that in eht next few days making it more featureful by adding categories or something. I’m in search of good blogging software, both to post and customize. Pybloxsom really appeals to me from a hacker’s point of view, but everyone who uses it seems to be very non-creative or it’s not very customizable. I’d like to see one that is “tricked out”, that has images and things floating around, with moods or whatever. I also looked at Movable Type, but it looks like it would be a pain to setup, and it looks like it’s not really free as Debian would define it, which I prefer stuff I use to be. Oh well, this is just a first post really, explaining why I actually have a livejournal now.