Travels, Meetings, Repairs

Yesterday I took a day and went to meet the old gang at the old stomping grounds. Mostly we just hung out and chatted about old things and new things, and crackpot theories. I had a good time, but I was getting really tired of it at the end. I also put a bunch of miles on the car.

I need to do a bunch of things to the car, the least of which are rotating the tires and changing the oil. I am fairly confident that I can do both of those myself, but feel strange doing it when I don’t have a garage or driveway of my own. I also need to do some more complicated things (flush transmission, drive fluid) which I’ll have done at a shop for sure. I’ll probably change the air filter, since those are a piece of cake. I don’t think it’s allowed to change the oil or do any maintenance in our parking lot, so I may have to do this stuff on the street curb (always tons of fun). It would be nice to find a place I could do this inside.

I have updated the TrainSched Twin Cities Files to include Routes 16 and 50 (combined in one file).