Triple Rock Has Damn Good Sausage Gravy.

Okay so now I’m sitting at Triple Rock, typing this on my new iBook (yay for new toys). We just ordered food and I’m at an interesting policital discussion group with. Amy is talking with Sarah’s mom about her car.

The group had homework this month, to find out what you actually care about on the issues. You were supposed to come up with 5 things that you care about outside of your personal life. I have serious issues coming up with these issues, because I really don’t care too much about things that don’t effect my life on a daily basis. So this means that my list of things consists of (in no particular order):

  • Public transit
  • Intellectual Property / Consumer Rights in the Modern Age
  • Education concerns

This is only 3 items, you notice, because I don’t really have anything else I care about that isn’t personal - at least things that I actually care about.

This group is now semi-officially called “junta” (pronounced “who-nta”) which means something in spanish that I can’t really recall right now.

Okay, I’m typing this because I need a sufficiently long piece of text in order to text out the layout that I am creating for a livejournal/web page. One of the issues I have with LiveJournal is that you can’t use the domain redirection with people being logged in at the same time. It would be cool if you could just go to a random page ( in this case) and not have to worry about “am I logged in?” - it would be cool to see the friends-only entries show up on sites that I visit. Not that I really read other people’s pages by their journal entries on their actual journals anyway. That is probably why this is an exercise in futility - most people won’t even see this page. The important page is the comments page - people will click on their page to leave a comment or view the comments and then they will see your style.

Paul is talking about how there are a lot of sexy women on the news and there are not many sexy women in the commercials. Sarah talks about how there are more car commercials on local news than national news - lots of investment commercials on the national news. She found that very interesting. Sarah’s mom makes a boomers comment.

Billy suggests breaking up the bill evenly. Some guy in a blue hoodie (Amy says that it’s Noah or Zach) says that he’s staying for some alcohol and suggests we split that too. No seconds.