Tuesdays Have a New Name

Tuesdays have now become my TV night. I currently watch the lineup of Gilmore Girls, Last Comic Standing, Amazing Race, Friends, Dharma & Greg, and sometimes Drew Carey. This makes it hard to get other things done like anything. My favorite show of the lineup is by far Amazing Race. THIS is a reality show I can stand to watch - a race around the world.

Of course now I must launch into the requisite writing on my blog about it. I hate to say it, I really hope that Sharla and Mirna lose next chance they get. I don’t mind Sharla at all - she’s being great and it’s wonderful that they’re doing well, but Mirna is just annoying as hell. She’s done approximately 0% of the work in the entire race. She also has an attitude that just won’t quit - unfortunately it’s a crappy one. Granted, I would have snuck away from the rest of the group just like they did to get on the earlier flight, but she’s not even nice to her TEAMMATE.