It didn’t mean anything. He just went out and will be back soon. At least that’s what I’ll tell myself for a while. It makes it easier to deal with the reality when it does finally settle in. The whole time I’ll really know deep down that he is gone, just like the others.

It is dark here, and safe. The darkness is strong and cold, but it was the known, and there wasn’t anything that could hurt me here. The light is blinding, and is encroaching on the darkness more every single minute. Soon I may have no choice. For now, I stay where it is safe and cold though.

All the others have left now, because of each of their reasons. They all had different reasons. The first left because none of us knew any better. We all watched him go and then dissapear in the light. There wasn’t anything anyone could do about it. We waited a long time for him to show up again, but he never did.

The second left because she was brokenhearted. She was the one who came to the Arena with the first, and didn’t last too long until she couldn’t stand going on without him. We all said goodbye and she walked the same way that he did, and dissapeared in almost exactly the same way.

Slowly, the rest went for their reasons. Three and four decided to go together, after almost a week of surviving in the darkness. They were weak, compared to the rest of us. Five ended up being thrown out in anger. Apparently she got in a fight with Seven - I was on a sleep cycle at the time, but Six and Nine told me they disagreed about, well, the only thing to disagree about here, the light.

That was a week ago. All nine others had gone now into the light.

I am alone.