Twenty Two

An arrow whizzed by his head as he ran the other direction. Usually there is a warning before they start with the shooting. He bounded around the trees and down into a hidey-hole. A couple of constables went past his head and kept going down the path he was on before. Carefully aiming with his pistol, he fired and one of them dropped.

The other one couldn’t locate the source of the shot for a couple of seconds, and that was all that he needed to bolt in a new direction. Left, right, and quickly down the side of a hill. The ground was soft and he barely made a sound as he went across the creek.

He needed to go to the other side. The longer that he stayed here, the more people would be looking for him, and the more people would be hunting him. Everyone on this side wanted their kind dead. He couldn’t find a place where he could jump though. Pulling the device out, he listened intently while he waited for the search to finish.

300 yards almost due east. Putting the device away, he gazed toward the sunrise and started on the direction indicated. The forest got thinner here, and he would need to be careful. Surely they had the forest surrounded by now, and the general alert would be out letting the villagers know that they should be dropping everything and looking for him.

Fifty more yards. He had to go out there, there wouldn’t be another jump for half a mile, and the more that he waited, the greater chance of losing his life here. He grabbed some courage and sprinted toward the spot. As he ran, he prepared for the journey, and he could hear the guards notice him. There wasn’t anything he could do but run as fast as he could toward the point.