The supernatural isn’t always as picky as they have been today. Usually they want something shiny, and are willing to take whatever is lying around and maybe return it later. Tonight was different though, they needed specifically something for their machinations. I was still in their debt, so now I’m awake at three in the morning.

How I got in debt with the sidhe is a long story that I’d prefer to not get into at the moment. The result is that now I’m their errand boy whenever they have a need for something that’s out of their reach, which means it’s on an island or behind some type of iron gate. They are for some reason repelled by these locations. I thought about moving to an island, but the real estate in the center of the city isn’t exactly in my price range.

Today it was both at once - some fancy mansion on the island that I would definitely never be able to afford, and probably would be turned away for just loitering around the outside for too long. As usual for these “missions”, I’m dressed in dark clothes and have a dark ski mask on so that I can avoid the surveillance that is omnipresent nowadays.

Strangely there isn’t ever a problem when I am successful at one of these even though I’m sure that I’ve been caught on some cameras a couple times. Maybe my contractors are messing with the evidence or something so that I am available in the future.

Somehow I don’t care as I finish picking the locked double French doors and quickly grab the small golden gnome statue that was requested. I’m in and out less than a minute from when I knelt down by the door to pick the lock. As I flee across the garden, I think about how I’m actually getting good at this.