This weekend was the first time in a few years that I have done anything on Valentine’s day. It was my busiest and best ever, I think.

We had a lab meeting on saturday about the new scout user interface as a check to see where we are on the project. I think it’s turning out really good, as someone who is mostly sitting on the sidelines helping out when I can. I wish I could put more work in on the project, but I think we’ll run into a “too many cooks” problem before long.

Amy came to the lab and we had lunch at Sally’s and played some pool with silvrayn, want_a_be, Chuck and Andi. Afterward there was yummy ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s. Amy and I still had about an hour to kill, so we went and played some more pool in Goldy’s Game Room.

Then we went to The Vagina Monologues. The show was actually much better than my preconceptions placed it. There were a lot of funny stories with a smattering of very serious facts and touching stories. It was well done, I’d recommend it to anyone (even the guys).

Sunday was the party at kitchenwitch’s place. Lots of new people met. We ended up playing a bunch of games of Fluxx (which reminded me that I want to buy a set of IceHouse) while a rousing game of Clue was played in the other part of the room. It was certainly a fun time.

The web servers are down here at school today, so my office hours are quieter than I thought they would be. Maybe I can get some work done later today.