We Should Really Bring Back the Siesta.

Well, yesterday was Wedndsday again. Class in the morning - in which I learned I missed something semi-important on Monday, so I had to read the stuff from the book instead. This isn’t such a bad thing, but it just makes my day longer on thursday.

Last night I went over to amagdalyn’s place again and we watched Millenium Actress, another Satoshi Kon movie. The premise was interesting and the style was somewhat reminiscent of his first movie, Perfect Blue. It seemed like this one was more polished, however. Amy slept through part of it again, but it wasn’t the important part this time, so I think she still got the full effect. There was a 40 minute “making of” special on the DVD, they pointed out some of the stuff that you don’t usually notice in the movie, like the backgrounds and how they’re different.

Today was the long thursday again. It was a review session for the test that the class has tomorrow, so it wasn’t as busy at all as before - they had an hour of a practice test to take which made the first half easy to do other things in. I still have about 10 emails to grade from the last lab, which should be finished tomorrow sometime. After that, it’s the test grading on Saturday (hooray).

I kept dozing off in my mid-day class again. This is beginning to become a problem that I need to find a solution for. I get to go to a talk on Learning Temporal Logic because of the class that I missed on monday. I think this one may actually be more exciting - I hope I don’t fall asleep again, it’s that same time of day.