Weekend? What's That?

This weekend was fairly full, considering how much money wasn’t spent. Couch ordeal on thursday, we went to see Shrek 2. Friday was mostly taken up with going to a cafe across the street called Seward Cafe and going to a meeting with Nikos about the possibility of a move again. Did some work during that meeting because I wasn’t hearing anything that I hadn’t heard before, and at this point I really don’t care. I want him to decide so that I can get on with my life, but other than that I’m trying to not think about it too much. The stress would get to me. Of course, he was supposed to make his desicion known to us on the 15th, and then it was last Tuesday, and now he really doesn’t know.

Also on Friday I got a couple of nifty things in the mail: my new phone and the 2nd season of West Wing. These make me happy. The new phone is working out okay - people still don’t call me that often, but now at least I can use it for things when they do. My old phone was starting to break, so it’s a good thing. It was also a free phone because AT&T decided to give it away for free to anyone who signs up for automatic billing, except that I am already on automatic billing so hooray, free phone.

The second season of West Wing is really great. I’ve watched 12 of the episodes so far, 10 to go. I’m sure I’ll put up a review of it when I’m done, since my new blog format is geared toward that sort of thing.

Saturday was a lazing around the apartment day, watching West Wing and generally enjoying the company of Di. Later in the evening we got cabin fever so we went out to a couple bars in search of fried food, which we both had a craving for. After a couple of unsuccessful stops, ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings which, true to their name, have excellent wings. We’ll have to play trivia next time.

Sunday was another day of doing nothing and watching TV without commercials. In the evening, we went to Chad and Kristy and Brandy’s place to watch some Anime (Fruits Basket) and hang around in general. It was an okay time, even though I had seen the series before and didn’t really like it. There was enough heckling at the TV for me to stand it a second time. Plus the company wasn’t bad.