What Is Wrong With People These Days?

I’ve been struck in the last few weeks with something that is baffling me. The thing that really sparked this in my head was when I left Di’s and my bike in front of her car in our new neighborhood. They were not attached to anything, and I was pretty ansy about it, but after checking on them every couple of minutes for half an hour, I figured “wow, we live in a good neighborhood now”. No such luck. Just after a walk, we came back to discover that her bike was stolen. Just recently I moved into a new place (see post coming later), and of course I put my folding chair out on my porch. Now, my new apartment is ground-level. The placing of the chair on my porch was basically a test of the neighborhood to see how crappy it was. The thing stayed there for near a week before, last night, it showed up missing.

The thing that really bugs me is this: why do people steal this stuff? It’s not like it’s a really complicated concept: is it yours? No? THEN DON’T TAKE IT ASSHOLE. IT’S NOT YOURS. I was hoping that moving to this new neighborhood I could be away from the people who think this way, but apparently I need to be living in some rural area in order for people to have the common sense of decency to not take shit. The thing that really baffles me though, is that some of the other people on the first floor have non-tied down stuff on their porches, and it doesn’t get stolen. Are there really parents out there that aren’t teaching kids these basic morals of life? If there are, I want to smack them upside the head a couple times for screwing it up for all the rest of us.

Isn’t it sad that my great American dream consists of being able to leave a bike on my driveway/porch, unchained, and expect it to be there in the morning?