What's Been Happening

I’ve not been quite the busy blogging bee lately. This is proabbly becuase of one of five things:

  • CSci 5302
  • TAing CSci 1901
  • Grading for CSci 4131
  • Reading for new RA
  • Various Business Stuff

These are of course in order of time taken. I have been to a lot of movies, and been reading a few books. The books wil get reviewed first, because generally I like to be more detailed on them, and they’re more interesting to me.

I have had some time to update my Debian packages, pushing out a new bogosort (who would have thought that package needed updating) and a new bittorrent which fixes a fair amount of bugs and represents my first multiple package source, after caving to pressure and separating the gui elements of bittorrent. I have another rant about bittorrent, but that will have to wait for another day.

Di is still being the beautiful and wonderful person she is, which makes me a happy camper most of the time. She just got laid off this friday, but she has been taking it rather well considering. It probably helps that she has interviews/tests with a handful of temp agencies next week, and other jobs.

I’ve been homeworkfull of course, and TAing taking up the rest of my time. Of course a 50+ student class who has assignments due every week takes up a large portion of my time. At least the class is on things that I do just for fun - Internet Programming. The most recent assignment was a movie database with actors, movies, directors, etc. all editable from a web interface. It would probably freak the students out to tell them that I did something much more complicated than this in my free time in order to keep track of my anime obsession. I didn’t quite get to the level of actors, but I have compiled my share of web-accessible and editable databases. Sometimes I wish I had kept them all around, even the ones that I half-completed, in order to somehow monitor my progress or something.

I had a crash of one of my computers in the last month that I haven’t been updating. After a few days of technical voodoo, I declared my firewall sisko dead to the world and recovered it’s 250GB of anime in an LVM to my main machine odo. As part of the voodoo I had acquired another 250GB drive, which was happily added to the anime volume in order to have a cool .5TB of space for anime. I reconfigured my newly acquired WRT54G in order to run linux and be a firewall and traffic shaper and it has been running swimmingly so far.

On the blogging front, other than not updating at all, the front page of my blog got a small change to it’s header which I think is slightly more pleasing to the eye, plus it allows me to put nifty pictures of stuff I see in the twin cities for all to see. I was considering a much more bland reworking, but that got scrapped because it took too much CPU and content. I will probably be adding buttons and screwing with plugins soon, as I have not been too happy with ChaitGear’s Amazon plugin. Being that Amazon’s web services aren’t that bad, I hope to write a book reader’s plugin fairly soon for wordpress. I also hope to be able to post some of my other recent hacks on the site, right after I figure out a decent place for them. For now, I’m going to get back to my reading.