Wheels Keep on Spinning Round and Round

I decided yesterday that I was going to start biking again regularly, so today I cut my bike down from it’s location (I had used zip ties to hold it in the closet over winter) and started out. I found out pretty quick that I wasn’t going to go far with this bike - the tubes had all lost their air over winter and I quickly punctured the back tube. I also noticed that the tires were very old and the threads where showing (I got this bike for $20, remember) so I thought it was high time that I learned how to fix my bike. After some help from a decent webpage and Wal-Mart and SportMart (I would have gotten everything I needed from Wal-Mart but they only had one tire), I had a functioning bike again. I also have a spare tube now just in case I bust another one. Replacing the tubes and tires was surprisingly easy - I think I have the drop-out back wheel to thank for that.

After I conquered my bicycle maintenance need, I figured I should go for a ride anyway just to make sure I hadn’t screwed everything up. I intended to go along my “normal” route (I’ve only taken it twice), I got sidetracked when I forgot the turn that I was supposed to take, and had a little sojurn through Mendota. The kickass Google Maps Pedometer can show you the route. Just shy of 10 miles, but it was pretty hot out and I had forgotten my water bottle (doh!) so I had to take a couple breaks in the middle - not that I minded stopping - the route is very scenic. I actually stopped down by the river in Mendota since I was there anyway. It was the middle of the day, which is obviously the worst time to go biking without water (eek! sun!).

Tomorrow I start with water and a bike that works early in the morning. Hope this gives me the kickstart that my day needs usually. Velocity last night was not too bad, although sortof short. Tonight should be crazier, they just called me asking if I could come early.