When We Can Be Completely Free..


Did the maintenance on the car a while back. It went pretty much exactly as described in the many webpages I looked up beforehand. I changed the oil and oil filter, air filter, and wiper blades. For some reason, one of the old wiper blades was shorter than the other. I would have rotated the tires as well, but I couldn’t find jack stands (2 separate stores) so I got ramps instead. Maybe I can borrow someone’s jack and jack stands and rotate the tires - beats paying $30 to get it done for me. Hell, for $30, I can buy the jack and jack stands when I find them. Still need to schedule the other maintenance, I’ll probably do that today.


Things are going well with the biking. Friday’s ride map is available. A little over 4 miles in half an hour, I can’t say it was bad, but I was much too tired at the end of it. I definitely need to get back in shape. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up doing it every morning for at least half an hour. Hoping to make it around Hiawatha Lake in the same amount of time soon, and then the goal is Nokomis Lake. I really need to get some gloves for biking though, and probably rewrap my handlebars.

Random Stuff

I’m thinking of switching from WordPress to Drupal. This mostly revolves behind me wanting to put more “normal” pages up on the website about scripts that I write and random software projects, and probably a CV as well. I just started using Drupal for a site that I am creating and the flexibility of it is really one of it’s bonuses. The themes are easy to change and the site in general is easy to make - menus are a snap and creating static pages is practically the default. On the other hand, WordPress has been pretty good and it seems that some nice things are coming down the line, and Drupal doesn’t seem to be as blog-friendly. Also, I will want to import all of my WP stuff into Drupal and I’m not quite sure how to do that yet.

I got something like 60%-70% on the Debian Quiz thingy. I don’t agree with some of the “correct” answers (there seems to be more than one right answer on some questions), but I don’t mind.

My japanese name is 森田 Morita (forest field) æ‹“æµ· Takumi (open sea). Take your real japanese name generator! today! Created with Rum and Monkey’s Name Generator Generator.