Where Does the Time Go When It's Not Around Here?

Okay, it’s been since friday since my last update, and the weekend was busy, so this may get a little long.

Friday was fairly uneventful at school, with a slightly busier office hour because the lab for class was very long and some people didn’t even get one step done. Friday night was free beer and wine thanks to GAPSA at the union on campus. Chatting with everyone I don’t get to see too often (including peaches_phd) from the lab was nice. After that, excellent jambalaya was to be had at silvrayn’s place along with a bit of DDR and fun drinking games. A couple of the non-normal crowd came along, which made the night more interesting (not that it wasn’t bound to be interesting to begin with). Alas, I planned on driving home, so I couldn’t get too drunk.

Saturday and Sunday were happily full of amagdalyn, th0rny and Jared. We went to the science museum, which has a pretty cool robot exhibit right now, and of course many other cool exhibits. I can’t help but feel like a kid when I go - it’s just too much fun. Good breakfast at Triple Rock was had.

Sunday night I went with amagdalyn to Tokyo Godfathers, Satoshi Kon’s most recent work. It was very good, one of the best anime movies I have ever seen. There were funny and touching parts, and parts that ended up funny and sad at the same time, which is hard to pull off. Lots of coincidences happen, which makes the whole sequence kind of unlikely unless you believe in a higher power or suspend your disbelief something serious.

Slept in on Monday, missing a colloquium class and statistics. I attempted to get some lab work done, but was waylayed by cookies and lemonade, a bunch of email submissions to grade, and various other things.

Tuesday was more productive, but unknown forces kept me from doing any of the real work that I attempted to do. Almost fell asleep in class again. I’m wondering if it’s just the room or something that’s keeping me asleep. I don’t seem to have issues staying awake in Statistics anymore (we are covering new material now however). I should doodle some more, or come up with a project when I’m bored. Unfortunately, that class has a total of 6 students in the room, so I think it will be fairly obvious if I’m just killing time on something else.

Last night was the LJ Meetup. A very different crowd showed up than last time - I think there were a total of 2 people who have shown up to both I went to, me included. Met raeosunshine, wulfsbane, ashedreyvin (who I’m sure is an anime watcher as well, the way she knows how to pronounce japanese), new_iconoclast, h2bhc, and a few others I can’t remember or didn’t catch the LJ names of.

Okay, that was way long. I’ll post about today/tonight tomorrow, I guess. I have a rant or two bubbling up in my head as well, I’m sure it’ll show up soon.