Who Needs Sleep?

I hadn’t updated for a couple days, so I figured I should put something up.

Tuesday night was Starfarers of Catan with silvrayn, Ben and Ben’s ex-roommate. We played a couple times (I always forget how long those games are) after finding her place. Ordered pizza and watched a bit of TV.

Wendsday I went over to amagdalyn’s place and watched Metropolis. I was unaware going into the experience that it was a silent movie (for some reason I don’t equate “really old movie” with “no actors talking”). The movie had alot of parallels with the anime version - kindof the same plot, and the imagery was basically the same. There were shots in the old movie that I was like “oh that’s exactly like this shot from the anime”.

Amazing parts of the movie were missing, like they had plot intertitles telling what there would be in the story at that point. I kept trying to imagine watching the movie without knowing those parts of the story, and realizing how much you would have missed when you saw it in the theater. For some reason I thought it had a very enthralling plot, even though it had some plot holes. Then again, parts of it were corny, and deserved to be picked on. Since it was a silent movie, I didn’t have any problem talking over the constant orchestration.

After the movie we chatted a while with Mariya, and then went to spyhouse for coffee. We talked about stuff there until they kicked us out, and talked late into the evening/early morning. We probably could have kept talking for a while more actually. I proceeded to get no sleep so it feels like it should be Thursday now. My 8:00am section was probably worse for it. I ended up taking a nap during my long break on thursdays, so the last lab I had wasn’t so bad.

I ended up paying for a LJ account too, so now I have this spiffy new layout. I’ll probably figure out how to use S2 to make the journal my real webpage sometime soon. I’ll probably stop posting my anime debt, because honestly, I can’t even keep track of it myself.