Why Does the Weekend Need to Be So Short?

The weekend was fun. Friday night was full of amagdalyn - we went to see American Splendor, which was an excellent film that I would suggest to anyone. It definitely included many oscar-quality elements - I would almost suggest that it get best actor for Paul Giamatti - he really got the mannerisms down and played the part well. After that was bowling with the CS graduate students and prospective students. I bowled a 151, which is better than I’ve done in a long time. I wonder if I could join a league somewhere or something. The group went out to Sallys (which was surprisingly non-smoky) for drinks afterwards. Amy got reasonably drunk.

Saturday was a lazy day for me. Stayed in and played lots of web games. I’m not too great at any of them, unfortunately. Sunday was productive. Of a list of items, more than half got completed. Had IHOP for breakfast/lunch, went out and did some errands (including getting some pocky from united noodle, which is surprisingly close to my apartment). Got lots of Girl Scout cookies. Went to watch adult swim at silvrayn’s place and played some Carcasonne there.

Weekends are entirely too short. I need a 3-day weekend built into my schedule. I may be able to pull it off next year. Isn’t college great? This week doesn’t look too busy - just a “normal” schedule.

Still going to try a non-“this is what I did today!” post sometime later this week.

Questions of the day: What one movie have you seen on video/DVD that you would want to see in the theater? Why did you miss it in the theater the first time? Why do you think it would be better on the big screen (as opposed to the small screen)? (I could have made this a poll, but this way is easier anyway and more free-form)