WordPress, Hooray!

I switched to WordPress for my blog recently. So far I have been very happy with it - I can update via the web or through a blog updating client. It has everything I really want in a blog, plus more - it even has an available plugin so I can post stuff to livejournal at the same time (hi LJ people!). Spent most of the last few days categorizing the old entries in my LJ and my older blog in WP. I’m going to change the look of this page, but for now it will have to do. I am only missing one major thing that I want my blog to have: a “I’m reading this book and I’m X of the way through it” plugin, which I have seen on other people’s sites (they use blosxom or pyblosxom I’m pretty sure). I’m thiking of writing the plugin myself (they don’t seem that hard). Really the only downside to WordPress is having to install MySQL for the database.

Planning on posting 3-4 entries later today, after I figure out the layout thing.