You Gotta Be Clean...

Moving is coming along as expected. The apartment looks really bare now, and that’s to be expected since we are moving tomorrow. I’m nervous mostly because I don’t know when the movers are coming - hopefully they will show up sometime around 2pm, instead of some time around 11am. I love it when important things like movers are scheduled for a three-hour window.

In order to ease my mind, and get things done quicker in the morning, I present a list of things (ordered this time, as this is the order I must finish them in) which I must do tomorrow:

  1. Pack microwave, Wok
  2. Dissassemble kitchen table
  3. Take out trashbags
  4. Pack Bathroom Stuff
  5. Drive Di’s Car up to side door
  6. Load up Di’s Car with things we’re definitely transporting ourselves (mostly computers and important documents)
  7. Load up the rest of Di’s car with other stuff we don’t mind hauling ourselves and fits
  8. Attempt to move things which are being professionally moved into living room
  9. Random cleaning

I’ve been testing a drupal installation today. I don’t have it themed yet, but the setup is here. Until it gets themed and takes over, I’ll be mirroring posts both here and there.